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LASIK Marketing Strategies – How to Create a High Converting Landing Page

LASIK Marketing Strategies – 3 NYC LASIK Center Case Studies


You finally found a PPC agency you trust after going through 3-5 different agencies!

They are the latest addition to your LASIK marketing strategy and they are exceeding your expectations.

They are getting you clicks, your CPC has dropped 12%, your Quality Score has increased and your website traffic is on the rise. But something is wrong!

You are not getting as much of a boost in your revenue and you have no clue why!

Your biggest PPC bottleneck is a poorly converting or non existing landing page

Definiton: A dedicated landing page is a single page with one single goal and call to action that links seamlessly with your ad copy.

This page is constantly being split tested by a conversion rate optimizer to ensure constant improvements.


You must allocate budget and focus to your landing pages
You must allocate budget and focus to your landing pages


Here are some qualities of high converting landing pages:

  • headline copy closely matches that of the ad that was clicked before it
  • it’s NOT your LASIK centers homepage
  • consistent in topic from initial keyword phrase>ad displayed>landing page
  • very clear what you want visitors to do (CTA – call to action)
  • mobile version is tested, analyzed and designed separately compared to desktop version
  • copy is patient-centric and not center-centric
  • zero use of stock images (even cell phone images are better than stock ones)
  • readability score is above 75
  • easy to scan
  • expectations are clearly set after completion of call to action


There is more but anymore bullet points and I will be out of ammo.

If you follow my blog you’ll know I am a big fan of case studies. What better way to learn than to see how others are doing it right or doing it all wrong.


“Having dedicated landing pages for your LASIK center is the single best investment you can make in your paid search campaigns”


Let’s get into our first landing page case study for LASIK centers found when searching for the following:

LASIK surgery Google query
Google search query performed by typical patient


Here are the top 3 results for such a query in Google:


TLC LASIK ad for their PPC campaign in NYC


In order to increase the conversions on our landing pages we need to know what the original search query was. Here you see I typed in “best lasik surgeons nyc”.

Let’s take a brief look at the corresponding ad copy TLC Vision offers me and see how it ties into my search query.


Case Study #1 – TLC Vision NYC


Here are some initial ad copy concerns:

  • nowhere does it state why they are the best or any terms related to it
  • oh wait… look at the ad above it… which one do you think I want to click?
  • I make great money so your $400 off means nothing to me. I want results!
  • do the “best LASIK surgeons” really need to offer me a deal… sounds desperate
  • I want to click the ad above it soooo badly as it’s so damn relevant to my query!!!

You see my point.


Success of your landing pages starts with a phenomenal PPC agency that matches ad campaigns with relevant search queries.


If I had searched for “cheap lasik NYC” then great work…but I didn’t.


“There is already a disconnect forming which has started to cut your conversion rate dramatically.”


Let’s take a look at what happens after after I click their ad and arrive on their landing page.


TLC Lasik landing page

TLC Lasik vision landing page example #2


This landing page ties in with their ad copy. I saw $400 off LASIK in the ad and now I feel I am in the right place because I see the same statement made once I arrive on their landing page.

The ad to landing page flow is great!

Let’s disregard the disconnect between my search query and the ad for a moment and assume I typed in “best lasik pricing NYC”

Where is my mindset? What am I thinking?

  • who is the least expensive in my area?
  • do I have to pay this all at once?
  • can I finance this?
  • I have insurance and want to know if it covers any of this?
  • what do I have to do to get the $400 off?
Always put yourself in the mindset of your patient and not your CEO or owner.


Create a higher converting landing page for your LASIK center by addressing many of the concerns you feel this specific patient will have based on the ad they chose to click on.


“Make your ads and landing pages all about your patients and they will eventually reward you in the end.”


Let’s dissect this landing page a bit.

Let’s start with their headline copy

“Save $400 now on LASIK”

We all know price is one of the biggest factors holding people back from moving forward with the LASIK procedure so this type of ad runs rampant amongst all LASIK marketing campaigns.

Lets point out 3 opportunities TLC Vision can take advantage of.


LASIK paid advertising campaign


What you see above is the above the fold screen shot from my Mac Book Pro.

This is prime real estate. Each pixel, word and design component must be A/B tested and be relevant to the mindset of the patient visiting this page.


“You only have 5-7 seconds to capture a patients attention or they are gone!”


Redundancy as seen by the 2 red arrows above is a waste of this valuable real estate. What else could we have done here?

Let’s go back to the notes above about the mindset of the patient who has landed on this page.

What additional supportive copy could we add instead?

How about something like this?


LASIK ad for TLC vision
Recommended version for improved conversion rates


How is this better?

  1. zero redundancy
  2. additional copy supports headline copy
  3. benefit driven bullet points
  4. easy to read and scan
  5. now we have 4 total ways to save money instead of just 1

Will this increase conversions? I would think so but my opinion means nothing without being tested.


“Opinions mean nothing when it comes to increasing conversions, results do!”


Let’s test this version against perhaps 3-5 others and see which one performs best?

This is the essence of landing page conversion rate optimization.


The first place to look when deciding what to test is to look at your headline and subheadline copy.

Here is what you want:

  • clear and understandable by a 5th grader
  • no bs sounding text or claims like “pioneer” “#1” “revolutionary”
  • short and concise with every word being absolutely necessary
  • address the problem your client has with the best solution to resolve it
  • use emotional copy to connect with your readers
  • bullet points are the most easy to scan and read so use them when appropriate
  • conversational tone – how would you speak to this visitor in person?


When it comes to creating landing pages that convert always put yourself in the mind of your customer and not in the mind of your CEO.

Directors of Marketing are always on the hot seat for growing their LASIK practice and often times have too much on their plate.

If you are a Director of Marketing for a LASIK center you may want to add landing page optimization and conversion rate optimization to the top of your priority list.

It’s the best bang for your buck when looking at ROI!


Case Study #2 – Mandel Vision Center


The next case study we are going to evaluate is that of Mandel Vision Center out of NYC. We are using the same exact search query “best lasik surgeons NYC”. Let’s take a look at what we can learn from their lead generation strategy.


Landing page optimization for LASIk surgery
#1 placement for our search query and quite relevant


BAM! Right of the bat we see relevant text that matches my search query.

“NY Mag Best Drs” is the very first thing we see in Mandels headline copy.

Goal #1 has been achieved as the headline copy matches my search query. Check!

Goal #2 would be to add additional information to substantiate the headline copy.


perfect link between ad copy and search query
Great job here Mandel Vision center!


Let’s count how many reasons I should click this ad:

  1. NY Mag Best Drs
  2. Harvard-Trained
  3. Named in America’s Top Doctors
  4. Patient’s Choice Awards


They offer me 4 completely unique reasons Dr. Mandel is the best! Yes yes yes! Someone has gotten their ad copy right for once! LOL

Although #4 “Patient’s choice awards” sounds a bit fishy to me the previous 3 are strong enough to place my skepticism on the back burner for now.

Ok Dr. Mandel, you got me…I’m gonna click your ad…I like you so far…will you deliver on your landing page…?


Mandel Vision LASIK homepage


Well…I’m not so sure…

Here we are on Dr. Mandels homepage for his LASIK surgery practice. This is not a dedicated landing page yet he is driving all his PPC campaign traffic to the same location, his homepage.

Not exactly what I was hoping for but let’s take a look.


Dr. Mandel


What I like about where I landed after the click:

  • no generic photo of a happy person frolicking in a field after LASIK. It’s actually Dr. Mandel!!!
  • I get to see who is behind the website I have landed on
  • the headline copy supports what got me to click in the first place
  • subheadline copy states “14 years in a row” which slams home the fact that Dr. Mandel is the man


Here is where my concerns lie from a conversion rate optimization stand point:

  • I counted 20 items I can choose to click on above the fold. Which should I choose?
  • only 1 of the 4 claims made are able to be substantiated above the fold on the homepage
  • social media icons drive me away from your site and goals not towards it
  • no strong call to action telling me what to do next


Let’s think back to our definition of a high converting dedicated landing page. One goal with one clearly defined call to action. That seems to be missing here!

Let’s discuss all 4 of my concerns above and how we could improve this user experience.


20 Options to Choose


That’s a lot of things to think about!

Steve Krug is a usability expert who wrote one of my favorite books entitled “Don’t Make Me Think”. How hard do I have to think here? Quite hard!


“The more someone has to think about what to do next, the more likely they will bounce off your site and not book a consult with your surgery center”


Regardless of how smart the patients are who land on your website they want to be spoon fed and guided.

Visitors to your website want to be told exactly what to do so you better be doing just that. One vision with one goal.


If a visitor wants to know about price first and foremost then guide them through a pricing funnel.

If a visitor wants to learn why you are best then guide then through a “here is why we are the best funnel”.


After you offer them answers to their questions then you can sprinkle in additional information they will require after capturing their email.


You have given me 20 options to choose from. Which do you think I will choose?


The Paradox of Choice states that when given too many options to choose from many will simply choose none to avoid the cognitive load of making a decision.


We know I am looking for the “best lasik surgeon in NYC” so based on my mindset where do you think I want to click next?

Which of these options should stay and which should go?


You must always have a clear vision of what works and what doesn’t so you know what flow converts best through your lead generation funnel.



Substantiate Your Claims


The initial ad I clicked made 4 claims that must all be backed up as quickly and easily as possible.

If a patient needs to dig for it they may be turned off and leave feeling they were duped and lose the trust you haven’t even gained yet.


LASIK marketing tips
Show me your award. Share the magazine article. Trust needs to be earned.


Make sure you post a link or show a photo of the doctor receiving the award they won.

Patients surfing the internet are inundated with false claims and have become very skeptical in the last 5-7 years. 

Build trust and credibility by showing and not just telling!



Social Media Icons Are Risky


Derek Halpbern of Social Triggers was one of the first to make a big push for all online marketers to consider removal of all social media icons.

The reason is quite simple.

Social media should be driving traffic to your website and not away from it.

Think about it for a second. Let’s say a patient clicks on the Dr. Mandels Facebook Icon and sees he has a bunch of likes which is great but then she sees her friends photos from Cancun she just posted.

She’s distracted, commenting on her friends photos and you just spent $12 for maybe 25 seconds of her time never to see her again!


social media lASIK surgery marketing
courtesy: sitepoint


As with all recommendations in any of my blog posts this must be tested to prove itself true through conversion rate optimization.

The odds state this could hurt you but keep in mind it always depends.

Most LASIK surgeons do not keep active social media accounts which can end up causing negative social proof.

Social media is a great source of social proof when needed.

I’m not saying to shut down social media efforts yet recommending they be more unidirectional pushing visitors to your website for lead generation and deeper education.



No Strong Call to Action


We skimmed over this earlier but people who land on your website want to be told exactly what to do.

You want patients to take a certain action on your website.

Maybe you want them to:

  • fill out a form
  • call to schedule a consult
  • watch a video
  • take a “Am I a candidate” survey


What converts leads the best should become your main call to action.


Conversion rate optimization tests multiple CTA’s to learn which one performs best and takes the guess work out of it.


Test all your call to actions and make sure you make them specific.

“Submit” doesn’t sound fun does it? Why would I want to submit to you? Sounds like I’m about to lose an MMA fight.

“Enter” is weak. If I take action here I simply enter?


How about some calls to action such as:

“Lock in Your $400 Discount Now”

“Book Your LASIK Surgery Today”


They are specific as to what you get and what to expect after you complete the action requested.



Case Study #3 – LASIK Plus


Let’s see what excitement awaits us with our final care study.


LASIK surgery ad copy
Ouch!!! I feel like I’m at Walmart


I may sound like a broken record here but do you see why LASIK centers are losing tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue?

Imagine walking into a store with your girlfriend looking at engagement rings and you choose a place because they were top rated by

Now you’re wearing your baseball cap on backwards and the salesperson decides to show you his “CLEARANCE” section. You want the best and he’s showing you the cheapest. How does that make you feel?

In an online scenario you can escape with one click and move to the next ad and people do just that!


Let’s take a look at their landing page!


LASIK plus landing page


We all know almost no one qualifies for the basement LASIK pricing.

They must have zero astigmatism, use the dusty laser and student surgeon performs the surgery after happy hour.

Imagine how the person feels who does move forward here and then realizes it’s a bait and switch?


There are many questions I have that this page doesn’t address:

  1. Who will be doing my surgery?
  2. What does this person look like?
  3. What does the clinic look like?
  4. Why the hell do you have to state “Book FREE Consultation 3 times?” Desperate?
  5. Why are you the best?


“The surgeon who will win the LASIK surgery battle will be the one who shows trust, transparency and is willing to stand out a bit from the others.”


So many LASIK websites look the same. They all say the same thing and offer zero unique value proposition. What makes you different? Why should I choose you over the other 3 I looked at who say the same thing?

No one wants to offend anyone or take a risk so instead everyones LASIK website looks the same and price becomes the only differentiating factor.


LASIK Plus should consider getting a bit more crave with their landing pages. They are just too damn generic!


“If you want to be a winner in the game of LASIK marketing then you must be willing to take risks.”


If you are making $100,000 for every $50,000 you spend on advertising then I’m super proud of you. My guess is you’re not!

The online consumer has become quite blind to the same old generic LASIK ads. If you don’t do anything to stand out you will remain where you are at.

With any ideas you have you must begin by testing them out.

Some will work and most won’t to be perfectly honest.


“On average 80% of the tests you run will fail. It’s 20% of the successes that will truly push your LASIK business forward.”


I absolutely love feedback and am willing to help you in anyway that I can. Post your question, comments or random thoughts below and let’s talk about this.

Thank you so much for your time and trust in the knowledge I enjoyed sharing with you today.


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