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Content Marketing for LASIK Eye Surgery in 2016

How to Market My LASIK Practice


You are searching for a marketing strategy to maximize your LASIK centers ROI.

You realize the ROI on traffic generating content for your blog is much greater than any paid advertising campaign you could ever invest in.

You have put effort into your LASIK centers blog because you know how expensive PPC campaigns can be.


Here is my #1 concern with you.


You have a limited understanding of what’s working with your blog and continue to create content without applying the new LASIK content marketing strategy needed for success in 2016!


NEVER has there been a bigger opportunity for you to capitalize on the competitiveness of getting ranked high on Google. 

You can either be the LASIK practice that has 100 weak blog posts that have almost zero value or you can be the one with 12 that knock it out of the park and do what they were designed to do.

Increase your Google ranking and get more traffic to your website!



image courtesy: ConversionXL


The quote above is from Peep Laja who used many of the same strategies in this guide to grow his blog to get 100,000 visitors in just 1 year.


Content Marketing for LASIK in 2016


Does this sound like your current marketing efforts?

  • you have zero communication between your writing team and those who analyze your website traffic
  • you give your writing team free reign to create content they feel is most appropriate
  • your writing team writes well but doesn’t understand what Google wants to see
  • your writers don’t write enough to the pain points your ideal patients are concerned about
  • you couldn’t answer the question “which of your blog posts generate the most leads and patients?”
  • your blog content has no relevant call to action to engage visitors
  • your blog posts contain zero relevant outbound links and receives few inbound links


If 2 or more of the above bullet points apply to your firm then this comprehensive guide is for you


This comprehensive guide will show you:

  1. Why this is important to your practice
  2. Mistakes you must avoid
  3. Your strategic actionable steps


Huge opportunity exists! Get more patients with this new strategy! Now is your chance to take advantage of what very few are! 


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Why You Must Apply This LASIK Content Marketing Strategy for 2016


You may have some degree of strategy currently but the rules are constantly changing and you must change with them. Google reports changing its ranking algorithm on average twice every single day!

This is the most cost effective way to get more patients for your LASIK practice.

BEWARE: This is a long term strategy that can take 1-3 months to see results so be patient or choose to continue spending $5-10,000 or more on your PPC campaigns.


There are several reasons why now is the time to take action and make this your #1 priority:

  • increase your ROI
  • gain on your competitors
  • decrease your SEO costs
  • increase your Google ranking
  • decrease your PPC costs
  • increase your conversion rates
  • get hotter leads


The numbers make this a no brainer:



The above example is conservative. What if your blog post ended up generating 500 clicks per month or more? You get an even higher ROI!


“When a visitor is searching on Google they are looking for a solution to their problem and not just another free consult ad!”


Which would inspire you to call a LASIK surgeon?

1 – Google ad mentioning your free consultation and why your surgeon is so amazing

2 – A strategic blog post addressing the common fears holding patients back from the procedure


“Your blog can be the best way to earn trust, build credibility and show you are the LASIK authority in your area”


In any competitive marketplace you must do something to be different. Marketing LASIK is no different.

With so many LASIK surgeons searching for opportunities to gain 5,12 or 20 more patients per month it’s surprising to me their blogs have received so little attention or don’t even exist!


Image courtesy:


Mistakes You Must Avoid

Here is a list of common mistakes:

  • not promoting your content
  • creating article titles with poor relevance to search queries
  • using duplicate or syndicated content
  • not tracking content success with Google Analytics
  • poor readability
  • no outbound links
  • ego-centric tone
  • quantity focused instead of quality focused


Your Strategic Actionable Steps


These steps require time and resources. Your results will not be immediate but they will be long-lasting and cost effective.

Your writing team cannot be effective and implement these actionable steps without the help of a Director of Marketing or a conversion rate optimization team like us! (shameless plug)


Promote Your Content


This is the single most challenging task as it takes time, thought and your valuable resources to get accomplished.

Promoted content – paying or convincing those who have power and influence to show their followers your content.


Derek Halpbern who I had the pleasure of meeting several years ago at a conference here in Connecticut states 80% of your content marketing efforts should be spent on promotion and only 20% on creation!



Ways to promote your content:

  • interview and quote influencers relevant to your topic
  • share snippets of your content on your social media channels
  • repurpose your content as a video, pdf or podcast as people consume information differently
  • submit your content to online communities who would benefit from it
  • email copy to your list of patients to stay relevant and recommend referrals
  • create a book or E-book with 5-7 related posts


Learning content promotion is essential. My favorite strategy that has offered my clients the greatest results is interviewing and quoting influencers.


“Influencers are often narcissistic by nature. Feed their ego and they will feed you a link and free traffic!”


Who doesn’t like being asked to be quoted or asked to offer their opinion? Everyones got one right?


Here is how you do it in 3 simple steps:

  1. Find an influencer who has had LASIK eye surgery
  2. Ask them for a relevant quote or interview
  3. Show them the final article in hopes of them sharing it and are the two resources I recommend to find your influencers.





Reach out to connections you already have. You should be proud to share the content your content marketing team has created. If you aren’t then reconsider publishing your article at all!

To truly ramp up your content promotion plan on spending both time and money. Without it, your content is useless.



Check Your Content for Duplication and Syndication


Most CMO’s and DMO’s of LASIK surgery centers have never heard of this term so let me explain. I will start by it’s definition:

Content syndication – duplicate content used by many different sources with little modification in an effort to gain valuable SEO benefits.

The content syndication market was created when doctors wanted to pay as little as possible for their blog content and content writers wanted to push out many articles and posts as quickly as possible to make more money.


“If your blog contains duplicate content Google will find out and punish you with a horrible ranking”


In May 2014 Google Panda  punished all of those who were abusing the SEO benefits of content syndication. Let’s take a quick peek at the most famous of those hit, Ebay.


Law firm blog mistakes

Image Courtesy: Moz


Ebay suffered enormously from their content syndication tactics and lost millions of dollars as a result. Even to this day their business is still suffering the aftermath.

You’re probably wondering if your content writer took this easy route and if your website is currently being punished by Google?


Track Your Content With Google Analytics


There is no more powerful a tool. It amazes me how awesome Google Analytics is when you take the time to tap into its virtually unlimited power.

Your Google Analytics is jam packed with information showing you exactly which blog posts are bringing you the most traffic and which ones aren’t.

Most LASIK doctors make the mistake of giving their writers too much freedom when it comes to choosing blog post topics.


“Establish contact with your writer weekly if they are writing 2-3 posts per week and biweekly if less frequently.”


Let me show you exactly what information to share with your writer when contacting them.

Even after 9 years in this business I still get a bit intimidated by Google Analytics. Let me break it down for you step by step to make it super easy for you.




Step 1 – Log into Google Analytics

Step 2 – Click on behavior

Step 3 – Click on overview




You will now see a list of pages that your visitors land on from most popular to least. This shows you what is driving the most traffic to your firms website.


Here is a list of 5 questions we can answer with this information:

  1. Which posts are driving the most traffic? source of ideas for more related posts
  2. Which post has the lowest bounce rate? this is where you can invite users to contact you
  3. Which page are visitors exiting from? review and improve this leak
  4. What patterns exist with our most popular content? replicate your successes
  5. Which posts can our writers make even better? fine tune and add more content


This video created by Google will give you a basic understanding of the content drill down and some other features essential to your understanding of your content marketing strategies effectiveness.


Increase Your Readability


Watching mouse scroll recordings for clients websites I’ve worked on I discovered an odd behavior:


Visitors click on a blog post then scroll and scan the content FIRST and then decide if they wanted to bounce or scroll back up and actually read it!


They are looking to see how readable the content is before making a decision to read it.

I cannot emphasize how overlooked this topic is. Your content has ZERO value if no one feels like reading it.


Law firm website readability


Above is proof I practice what I preach. As of right now, December 21st 2015 (yes I work constantly and it’s 5:47AM! What’s wrong with me? Somebody help! LOL), the post you are currently reading has been revised 283 times! This is mostly for readability purposes!


While writing this authoritative post I spent at least 60% of my time going back and forth to ensure the post had the following:

  1. no more than 2-3 sentences without a paragraph break
  2. no more than a 5th grade reading level
  3. bold text on more important points and before all bullet point lists
  4. large headings for ease of content scanning
  5. relevant images to visually keep readers engaged
  6. highlighted colored blocks of content to cause a visual break
  7. one relevant YouTube video to provide mixed media
  8. balance between factual and conversational tone
  9. font size 14 or greater for ease on mobile devices
  10. use of empty white space to avoid crowding


Want to check on your websites readability? Here is a tool you can use to check your readability


Create Outbound Links


Outbound link – definition – an outbound or external link points to another website post that is relevant to your topic and adds value to your discussion.


“Most LASIK centers feel creating outbound links will drive traffic away when in actuality it has much more of a positive effect than a harmful one.”


Google wants to reward you. They want to rank you higher. They want to make your LASIK marketing efforts pay off.


All Google asks for from you is that you create a valuable piece of content that addresses the query their user typed into their search bar. That simple!

People make Google out to be such a complicated algorithm to understand. It’s not! Think about it.


“Google wants to offer its users the most informative, relevant experience when using their search tool”


What’s so difficult? Why not just create content that addresses this?

The answer is shockingly simple. It takes time, effort and resources to do so and people are lazy and want a quick fix!

This human behavior drives the diet pill, cosmetic surgery and black hat SEO markets. People want things immediately with the least amount of effort. 


Here are the types of outbound links for you to create:

  • expand upon a topic in more detail
  • refer to the authority on your subject
  • add clarity with a video, graphic or related image


Outbound links are super easy to create. Make sure they are relevant, add value and contain anchor text and a do follow link opened in a new window for best results.


Write In a Customer-Centric Tone


This is such a huge epidemic amongst all websites I was compelled to write an article on this a few years ago for website magazine.

Imagine for a moment you have been injured in a motorcycle accident and are finally out of the hospital and looking for a lawyer.

You search and find a lawyer in your town and you see something like this:

Ego-centric law firm website copy

image courtesy:


Why does this lawyer want to talk about himself first? Would it not be a better content marketing strategy to address the problem that made a visitor land on your website to begin with?

If your content uses the words we or I instead of you and your you are going to lose your readers interest.


“Those who read your content want to know what’s in it for them. They don’t care about you until you gain their trust.”


Yes, people want to see your credentials and they will read your about page after they know, like and trust you.

Ever pay attention to the people you were most drawn to at your most recent dinner party?



Image courtesy:


They were the ones who were eager to learn more about you and engage in a conversation with you. The ones who spoke solely about themselves had maybe 2 minutes of your attention before your mind started thinking of excuses to escape!

If you read this article I used the word you or your at least 50 times and actually went through and rephrased any content that contained I or we when appropriate.

Always imagine yourself as the reader and this will come easily to you and your writing team.


Focus on Quality and Not Quantity


I love to see doctors who are consistently creating content as it shows they understand the importance of this strategy, however…

” I cannot emphasize enough how strongly quality trumps quantity when it comes to your  content marketing strategy”


I put this action item last as I feel this article has spoken directly to it.

If you have created a ton of content already and feel disappointed. Don’t be! You have a golden opportunity to make things right.


If you have created a lot of content already here is what to do:

  • combine similar posts into one single authoritative post on one single topic
  • remove content that has no value. DELETE IT!
  • use all the strategies in this guide to make it a traffic generator for your website


If you have yet to start your LASIK surgeons content marketing journey then you now know exactly what to do.

Even applying 1 or 2 of these principles will likely propel you ahead of your competitors. Take a peek at their websites and do a few steps better!


Do not create overly wordy posts. Make each and every sentence and bullet point count.


I want this to be your one stop comprehensive guide to truly igniting your blog. It had twice as many words before I started to condense it. My goal was to get you to this point and feel I respected your time while giving you a complimentary education. (I’m not a fan of the word FREE as it implies zero value)

Aim for longer content but don’t EVER sacrifice quality. Make your points clear and concise. Create content you can be proud to share.


Final Important Thoughts


I know this was a lot to digest. Reading this once will not be enough unless you have an eidetic memory. Bookmark it or contact me if you need clarification.


“DO NOT FIRE your content writer if they are not following this guide!”


The challenge after reading this guide is to determine where the responsibility lies for its implementation.

The size of your offices marketing team will have the greatest effect on this decision.


  1. Will your writer need to get paid more?  Yes!
  2. Will it take longer for them to get you content? Yes!
  3. Will this be more time consuming for you and your firm? Yes!
  4. Will this all pay off in the next 1-3 months? Abso-frigin-lutely!



Don’t be the LASIK practice churning out short articles, stuffed with keywords that offer no value to your potential clients or anyone else reading the article. That is so 2007!


You must look at this as a HUGE opportunity!

“Don’t be the LASIK surgeon that continues to have a 1-2 star blog in 2016.”






Your efforts will take several months to have a measurable effect however your return on investment will be far greater than your added time and costs.


I spent countless hours on this guide your thoughts mean the world to me. Share your thoughts, questions and comments below below and let’s chat about it!


I sincerely appreciate your time!

JC Cavanaugh, O.D.

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I'm a practicing Optometrist with a huge passion for conversion rate optimization. After creating my first online business in 2006 and making my first $9 while asleep I was hooked! On weekends I am an expert level road racer, avid tennis and table tennis player who doesn't like to lose.