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Our business started one morning while it was still pitch black out and the only person awake on my street was the trash removal driver and his 110 decibel garbage truck.

After being awoken, I decided to do what any entrepreneur does and immediately check my emails.

I had received the usual “why the hell am I still a subscriber” emails that I typically scan and never fully read, but this morning one stood out from Noah Kagan of Appsumo.

It stated something like “How to Validate Your Business Idea in a Day”. Don’t hold me to that but you get the idea.

He said to post an ad on your personal Facebook page promoting your product or service and try to sell as many units for $1 or some nominal fee.

His logic was if you can’t sell to your friends and family then how the hell are you going to able to sell to customers who have no relationship with you?

I love simplicity and efficiency so this resonated strongly with me, so I immediately created the following graphic in .PSD:

Check out the straight forward copy, scarcity play and even a testimonial. (this testimonial was squeezed in after my first sale and review.) 

The day this business was born!
The day this business was born!

I posted it on my wall just as Noah had recommended.

Being an internet entrepreneur you often feel alone and like no one really gets what you do. They all think you “build websites”As if the internet is just a bunch of websites that come with self automated Phillipino VA’s, SEO and marketing strategy inherent in the HTML files.

That in mind, I figured who of my friends would even need such a service?

A few moments after posting my ad to my Facebook wall I received a message from a friend I race with named Bill Tanz.

I told him briefly how it worked and sent him a PayPal link for $1. He paid it, got his review and has quite impressed.

I got a few more orders and after making $7 for 7 website reviews a business was born!

I started with website conversion audits and eventually moved to CRO and here we are today!


JC_CavanaughMy name is JC Cavanaugh. People often ask me exactly what we do as the term Conversion Rate Optimization Expert is quite new and finally becoming more popular here in 2016.


“We get more people to complete the actions you want them to take when they are on your website”


I’m the person who you deal with most often as I am in charge of gathering data, performing usability audits and creation and implementation of A/B tests to increase your website conversions.


We’re kinda like having a remote Director of Digital Marketing on steroids for your online business.


The beauty of our service is we don’t move forward with a client unless we know they will make more than what we charge.


JC Cavanaugh – Conversion Rate Expert

Credentials and Qualifications:

  • Optimizely certified – certified by Optimizely to perform A/B testing with their platform.
optimizely certified conversion rate optimization expert
Certified to use Optimizely for conversion rate optimization
  • Market Motive – web analytics training- trained by the Godfather of Analytics Avinash Kaushik.
  • Google Analytics – trained by Google – Google Analytics Individual Qualification IQ certified.
Completed and passed Google Analytics Qualification Exam
Completed and passed Google Analytics Qualification Exam


  • Conversion Rate Expert – trained by Peep Laja of ConversionXL – top conversion rate optimization expert in the world.
  • Unbounce landing page expert – expert in landing page design, creation and implementation.
Landing page expert with Unbounce platform
Landing page expert with Unbounce platform


Speaking Engagements

  • Stamford Innovation Center – February 2016 – “5 Things You Can Do This Week to Convert More Visitors to Your Website”
  • Connecticut Bar Association – October 2015 – “How to convert more clients online for Workers’ Compensation Attorneys”

Random Facts

  • Expert level road racer with several wins at New Hampshire Motor Speedway
  • Optometrist who owns and manages a successful Optometry practice
  • Addicted to table tennis and gets cranky when he loses but gets over it in less than 15 minutes



Nate Dudek – Chief Developer

Credentials and Qualifications

  • Co-author of ASP.NET 4 Unleashed” October 2010

Nates book is thicker than the bible

  • “Fueling Your Application’s Engine with Windows Azure Sotorage” MSDN Magazine January 2010
  • Software development/Systems Architecture
  • Mobile Strategy
  • Business Process Optimizations
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • IT Infrastructure

Random Facts

  • Everyone says their kids are the cutest but his truly are top 1% of the cutest in his region
  • Musician with an affinity for the guitar
  • Does everything his wife tells him except when it comes to vehicle purchases


Heather Parker – Copywriterheather

Credentials and Qualifications

  • 20 years of experience in business communications
  • Masters Degree in English from Trinity University
  • Strong talent for understanding her clients needs while writing to appeal to their ideal customers

Random Facts

  • Had huge hair in the 80’s and was obsessed with Duran Duran
  • Loves her 2 daughters more than you could ever imagine
  • Clearly she didn’t write this About page so please forgive me for any errors – JC


We realize many businesses we work with often have their own development team and may also have their own writers.

We can use your team for copy and development without any concerns.

Even if you just have a simple question we truly enjoy meeting new like minded people such as yourself.

Go ahead and write us now and let’s chat!

The Clever Conversions Team